Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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5 Tips for Staying Cool When Your Air Condition Is Broken

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Waiting through the sweltering summer days until your air conditioning repairman can get the parts needed to fix your unit can be torture. But you don't have to rely solely on the air conditioner to keep cool. In fact, you can even have fun while keeping the heat at bay instead of continually trying to fit into your refrigerator. Here are a few suggestions for keeping cool until your A/C is fixed up.

Blow the Heat Away

Either invest in a few fans or pull out and use the ones you have. Turn on any ceiling fans you have and make sure the air is blowing straight down and creating a nice breeze in the room. A little breeze will go a long way in making you feel cooler even if the air is still warmer than you like. Moving air feels better on your person than stagnant, sweaty air.

Another fan to use is the window fan. Turn it so the air blows outwards, away from your home. Warm air will be expelled. Fans also help keep energy costs down, so continue using them when the air conditioner is running.

Throw a Party

Before you argue that inviting even more people into your already warm home is a terrible idea, consider what type of party it is you need to throw. You need an outdoor, water party. Pull out the pool or simply turn on the sprinklers. Get your family or some friends together with swimsuits, towels, and ice cream bars.

Get as wet as you can bear before drying off to go inside. You'll feel refreshed and able to face the inside of your home again. Another good idea is to take your wet towels and hang them in front of your windows like curtains. As warm air enters through the window, it gets cooled by the wet towel so your home isn't as stifling—and your towels get dry while you're at it.

Conceal, Don't Feel

Another way to keep your home cool is to close off the windows using curtains or blinds. Covering the windows will keep heat from seeping into your home. If you can't go an entire day without natural light, open the blinds or curtains in the mornings and late afternoons. Close them again when the heat peaks or while you are cooking.

Meditate in the Dark

Turn off all your lights and relax in a darker environment. Turning off lights reduces the amount of energy being consumed in your home and keeps each room a little cooler. You can keep your home cooler from the get-go by keeping lights off in the morning or only lighting the rooms with poor natural light. If possible, reserve a "dark room" in your home that you can go to when you can't stand the heat any longer. Take music, an audiobook, or just your thoughts and go enjoy a cool respite.

Disconnect for a While

Lastly, take inventory of your home and determine which electronics need to be plugged in or left on and which can be turned off for a few hours. Even unplugging a charger can help, since anything plugged into an electric source uses energy and emits some heat. In rooms with a lot of electronics like the television, a computer, and other household appliances, make sure everything is at least turned off. The motors on these larger appliances noticeably raise temperatures.

Having a broken air conditioner in the summer is a terrible thing, but it doesn't have to be unbearable. Making a few adjustments can make the wait a breeze. Until then, visit resources like to contact a repair specialist to fix the problem sooner rather than later.