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A Few Tips For Avoiding Commercial Plumbing Problems

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If your business experiences a major plumbing problem, it can be possible for the enterprise to experience significant disruptions and damages. While a plumber will be able to correct these problems, it is often assumed that plumbing problems can not be prevented but only corrected once they have started. Yet, basic preventative steps will keep your business and its plumbing in excellent condition.

Upgrade Your Plumbing Faucets And Fixtures

For a business that has a large number of employees or that experiences significant foot traffic over the course of a day. This intense usage can put the plumbing fixtures at a risk of becoming clogged. Often business owners will only be concerned about preventing their toilets from clogging. While upgrading to high capacity commercial toilets will reduce this problem, it is also important to upgrade the faucets as these can suffer mineral accumulations and leaks from the intense use that they will experience.  

Prevent Serious Clogs From Forming

Clogged sinks can be a problem that business leaders may not consider as a serious problem. However, there are many substances that can get into the drains, and this will result in the sinks having slow or stopped drainage. It can be easy to reduce these problems through placing drain guards as these devices will strain any debris that tries to enter the drain. When installing these drain guards, it is advisable to secure them in place with a mild adhesive. If the design of your sinks makes it impossible to install these devices, you may want to regularly flush the drains with extremely hot water so that solidified residue can dissolve and be rinsed out of the pipes.

Protect The Property Against Water Damage From Leaks

Leaking pipes can be a hard-to-notice issue that will lead to extensive damage to your business's building. When these leaks go undetected for months or longer, large mold colonies, extensive rot and foul odors become an issue. Fortunately, it is possible to mitigate the damage that this issue can cause by installing leak monitoring system. These systems are highly effective at alerting you to this problem, but they can be too expensive for small businesses. If this is the case for your enterprise, you should institute a policy of inspecting the interior walls, ceilings and floors for signs of the water stains. Whenever you find these issues, a professional company, like AAA Home Services, should inspect the area to determine the source of the water that is causing this damage.