Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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3 Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Summer Cooling Failure And Costly AC Repairs

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The summer months are a time when many homeowners are calling for repairs, and you do not want to be on a waiting list. It is important to do the right maintenance during the times of year that your AC is working its hardest to keep your home cool. Some of the things that need to be done include changing filters, cleaning the outdoor unit and adjusting your thermostat. Here are a few simple maintenance tips that will help you avoid costly AC repair during the hot summer months:

1. Frequent Filter Changes Help Prevent the Most Common AC Problems

The more often you change the filter of your AC, the less likely it will be for you to have problems. During times of the year when there is more dust or pollen in the air, change the filter more often. Make sure that you have easy access to the air filter, so you will be able to check it often. If you do not change the air filter when you inspect it, at least remove it and clean the dust off it. You can use compressed air to blow all the dust off before returning the air filter to its housing.

2. Check Vents and Adjust the Thermostat to Reduce AC Wear During Hot Days

Air flow is important for your AC to work efficiently. When the vents of your ducts are blocked or closed, this can hamper the performance of your cooling system. Check to make sure all your vents are clean, open and not obstructed with furniture or other clutter. In addition, during the hottest days of the year, you may not need to have the thermostat turned down to the coolest setting. Instead, set your thermostat a few degrees higher to reduce strain when you AC is working hard to keep your home comfortable.

3. Inspect and Maintain the Outdoor AC Unit To Avoid Costly Repairs

When you use your AC the most, the outdoor unit is constantly running. This is usually a time of year when dust and pollen may collect on the components and cause freezing. The freezing problem is something that you want to avoid. During the hottest days, check your AC to make sure that it is clean and free of debris. In addition, check it regularly to make sure that there are no components that are freezing over. If you notice ice forming, contact an HVAC contractor and have them clean and inspect the AC for problems that need to be repaired.

These are a few tips that will help you avoid some of the costliest AC repairs during the hot summer months. If you need help with your AC, contact an HVAC contractor, like one from Indoor Weather Professionals, to help with the maintenance to avoid costly problems when you need your air conditioning the most.