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Get On The Bandwagon With Sustainable Commercial Plumbing

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Commercial plumbing may seem like overkill for property owners, but it really is quite the contrary. It is the best thing you could do for your home or business. Plumbing problems can be a disaster for any premises.

Most people take greater care of their residential plumbing systems than they do of commercial plumbing. The wear and tear is therefore greater in commercial properties. However, using these sustainable commercial plumbing processes you are bound to keep the plumbing in a commercial and even a residential property in great condition. Here are three great options for sustainable commercial plumbing

Grey Water Systems

This refers to recycled water from household use. Water from your showers, washing, and cleaning is automatically routed into a plumb-in system which includes a treatment plant and a pump. You can connect it to the toilet cisterns and around your garden for irrigation.

Certain precautions need to be undertaken to ensure the water does not contaminate clean water. In addition, you cannot eat the vegetables irrigated by grey water in raw form.

Toilet Suites with an Integrated Hand Basin Design

This is a new design that allows the hand basin to be placed on top of the toilet cistern. The clean water from the tap is used to wash your hands and the resulting grey water drains straight into the cistern for flushing the toilet.This option ensures no water contamination and keeps the water bills very low.

Water Harvesting

With more commercial and residential properties choosing to incorporate a water harvesting framework into the building, water from rain and snow has become a sustainable way to take care of plumbing issues like flushing the toilet. You can put an underground tank to collect rain runoff from your run way and other areas around your property.

Sustainability in commercial plumbing has become the trend in most buildings as more people join the bandwagon of environmentally friendly solutions in our way of life. Plumbing offers great options to coexist happily with the ecosystems around us. Keeping up with sustainable commercial plumbing will impact our planet for generations to come.

As it becomes clear that water scarcity is quickly becoming the norm on most continents, sustainable commercial plumbing is the only way we can continue to enjoy the comfort of our homes and offices. A professional who does commode repair, faucet repair, and other plumbing services should be able to help you implement a more sophisticated, water-saving design for your commercial bathrooms.