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What Could Be Going Wrong When The Air Goes Out Frequently

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If your air conditioning unit is in need of a tune-up, it is possible that the unit is not functioning at its most optimal. If the unit is getting older, you may find that the inside temperature is more difficult to keep stable no matter how many times you check and change the thermostat. When none of these things are wrong with your air conditioning unit, yet the air is still going out frequently, you could have a bigger issue on your hands lead by one of these problems.

The coolant is going out rapidly

When the coolant runs out in the air conditioning unit, it will begin to struggle to perform its job. Though you may not know when the machine needs coolant, one of the tell-tale signs is that you have to turn down the thermostat in order to get the house to the temperature that you enjoy. Have an HVAC firm come and check the coolant. If the coolant is running low, the technician can refill with quality coolant that should last you throughout the summer. 

Check the wiring

If the wires to the air conditioning unit are shorting, this is a major reason for system malfunctions. If the wires begin to twist and fray, your air conditioner may begin to exhibit issues. The only way to determine if it is the electrical system is a checkup with an air conditioning service. If wires are frayed, they may need to be replaced as this can be a hazard for the electrical system. To correct the system and stop possible fire hazard, have the HVAC technician replace all of the wires with new cords. 

System may need to be cleaned

If the air conditioning system is not running well but does not seem to have any noticeable issues, this can mean that the system needs to be cleaned out. Dust, dirt, and grime can settle into an air conditioners components which can slow it down after some time. If the machine slows down, you should have an HVAC technician come and clean the system. This may include a system flush and the technician going through and cleaning out the coils, springs, and electronic components. Remember to also have the service technician clean behind the thermostat to make sure that all readings are proper. After a thorough cleaning, the air conditioner should be able to remain on without working too hard. 

For more information, contact your local air conditioning services.