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How To Protect Your Condenser Cabinet

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One of your biggest monthly expenses it's probably from the electricity you use just to power your condenser unit. The condenser unit, which is also often called the heat pump or air conditioner, is the large unit located on the outside of your house. It doesn't matter what you call it, because the condenser unit is the most important part of the creation and circulation of cooled air.

That being said, it is only part of a typical split air HVAC system. On the inside of your house, you will find the furnace cabinet, blower, and evaporator. The entire system is extremely interconnected, and many parts can be complicated to repair. So, as a homeowner, you can only do a small part when it comes to making your system is as efficient as possible. While you need to remember to schedule regular HVAC technician service calls, you also need to do your part to make sure things are working properly.

Cover and Clean the Condensers

The condenser cabinet is on the outside of your house. The condenser has a fan and compressor on the inside, while the condenser coils are on the outside and inside walls. These are the most vital components when it comes to the creation and circulation of cold air and refrigerant through the lines. Since this unit is exposed to the elements, it is going to get dirty, and you should clean it a couple of times year. Not only that, you should keep it covered during the winter months when you will not be powering it on. Importantly, the condenser coils are on the outside of the unit, and they will suffer the most if they are not covered during the winter. Homeowners in snowy regions need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to covering their unit. You don't want snow buildup or ice to damage the electrical components, or affect the inside of the main compartment.

When you uncover your cabinet before summer begins, you should clean it before starting it up. Cleaning is simple and can be done with a hose, a without even shutting down the power. When you spray the coils with a hose, the dirt in between them will wash away. This dirt can get hard and stuck in between the coils, which makes it harder for them to cool off.

You need to have your air conditioning system professionally serviced. But, you also need to spend your own time to make sure that the condenser is covered and cleaned on a regular basis. Contact a company like Alabama Climate Control for more information and assistance.