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How To Make Your Boiler More Efficient

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A boiler uses water to heat your home. By circulating water through pipes in the wall, radiant heat warms the interior. The efficiency of a boiler system is definitely dependent on the electrical output and productivity of the actual boiler unit. But, the piping is also a huge part of the system efficiency.

Pipe Efficiency is Vital to Your System Health

The flow of water through the pipes is what eventually heats the air inside your home. So, you need to do whatever is possible to make sure your pipes are as efficient as possible. For this to happen, you need to reduce the loss of heat as it travels through pipes.

As the hot water flows from your boiler, through the walls, and to the wall mounted radiators, it cools down quite a bit. This heat dissipation is partly due to the water flowing away from the source of heat but also coming in contact with pipes that might be significantly colder than water. This is why adding insulation to your boiler pipes can be so helpful.

Adding Foam Insulation

Foam insulation tubes are the best solution for reducing heat loss in your pipes. They are easy to apply because they are pre-cut and come in different lengths.

Most boiler pipes are less than 1-inch in diameter, so it is easy to pop the insulation onto the pipe. The foam insulation can also be easily cut to the right length using scissors or a razor blade.

Add Insulation to All Your Pipes

Ultimately, it is beneficial to add insulation to any pipe that you can access. But, most of your pipes are inside the walls. So, if you are doing any other home improvements and happen to have temporary access to your pipes, it would be smart to insulate them while you can. However, the pipes that are outside of the walls are the ones that need insulation the most.

Insulation will be helpful for all of the pipes coming out of and into the boiler. Insulation is extremely helpful in cold climates, especially for the boilers that are located in a basement and garage where it is much colder than the rest of the home.

Insulation is very cheap, and it can save you quite a few dollars every month, so it is well worth the small investment and quick project. For more information, contact a heating contractor.