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Three Simple Ways an HVAC System Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

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You are probably aware of air pollution, but did you know that the air quality inside your home can be even worse than the air quality outside? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency air pollution inside the home can be as much as five times higher than that of the air pollution outside. If your allergies are worse than usual or you begin experiencing unusual symptoms, such as frequent headaches, it may be due to poor air quality inside your home.

If you want to improve your indoor air quality, here are three ways you can use your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to do it.

1. Turn on Your Furnace Blower

If your HVAC system uses forced air, this means you have a furnace. The blower on your furnace is what causes heat to move through the vents throughout your home. When you turn your furnace blower on, it helps to recirculate the air inside your home and can help to improve your air quality.

2. Change Your Air Filters

The air filters inside your HVAC system are responsible for preventing dust and other debris from building up in your duct system. A clean air filter also removes airborne contaminants from inside your home. The cleaner the filter, the better it is able to do its job. When your air filter gets clogged, contaminants get recirculated back into your home. This in turn, reduces the air quality in your home.

There are many factors that determine how often you need to change your air filters, but on average, they should be changed every 30 to 60 days. If you have pets or anyone in the home has allergies, air filters should be changed more often. 

3. Get an Air Conditioner Installed

If you don't have air conditioning in your home, you are missing out on a chance to improve your air quality. Central air conditioning works especially well for improving indoor air quality. These centralized units send cooler air through the vents throughout the home and when the air passes through the system, airborne contaminants and allergens get filtered out.

When considering air conditioning installation, you may want to get a higher efficiency system. Not only do these systems improve air quality, but they are also more energy efficient. You may also want to consider buying an air conditioner in the off season, when it's cooler outside, so that you get a better deal.