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Why Install Central Air Conditioning Over Other Methods To Cool Your Home

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If you are getting tired of having a hot home in the summer, the best solution is to install air conditioning. However, there are multiple methods that you can use to cool down your home. Here are some reasons to use central air conditioning as your cooling method of choice. 

Unobtrusive Components

One of the main benefits of using central air conditioning is that the components are very unobtrusive for the most part. When it comes to the compressor itself, it can be installed almost anywhere on your property. While it's typically installed on the side of your home near where the furnace would be located, you can run the necessary lines to put it somewhere else, like behind your garage if that is what you desire.

Inside the house, central air conditioning will use your existing ductwork for your furnace. This means that there is no need to look at large window units, or ductless units that are built into the wall all year round. You won't notice any changes to your home by using central air conditioning.

Quiet Operation

When the air conditioning is running, you'll barely notice the sound in your home. This is quite the opposite from window units or ductless models, which have the fans installed in the room you are located in and can be quite loud. Central air conditioning won't cause the need to turn up the TV to hear your favorite show, and won't hinder conversation.

While the compressor does make noise, you won't hear it much from inside your home. Building codes require that the units are not installed near a window, so that shouldn't be an issue either. If the compressor is located far away from your house, there is even less of a chance that you'll hear the unit running.

Cleaner Air

Other units draw air from the outside, which may be problematic for people in your home that have allergies. All of the air that your central air conditioning cools is from inside your home, not outside. The air also passes through a filter before it travels through your ductwork. This all leads to the air being very clean by the time it reaches you and your loved ones. 

Ready to install central air conditioning? Contact a local area HVAC contractor for HVAC services today. They'll be the ones that help you get a compressor that is the right size and install everything for you.