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Do You Smell Smoke From Your Furnace? It's Not Normal

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Most people know that when they turn on their furnace for the first time, a minor smoke smell is normal. However, when your furnace produces a strong smoky scent, or if you continue to experience the issue long after the initial use of the season, this is not normal. Learn about a couple of the issues that could cause this problem and how you can correct it. 

Air Filter 

Air filters trap allergens and other debris so that they don't circulate through the air in a home. To accomplish this goal, all the heated air from the furnace must pass through the filter. The important thing to note about filters is that not only do they trap the particles, but they also trap the scents that come along with them, including smoke. 

If the filter is especially dirty, some of the smoke particles from the first use of the season can get trapped inside the filter. As a result, the heated air picks up these scents as it passes through and transmits the scent throughout your house. 

If your filter is reusable, clean it; otherwise, replace it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that if your filter gets dirty quickly and you don't have pets, there might be a leak in your ductwork that is allowing more particle-filled air inside your home. Let an HVAC technician inspect the concern.

Heat Exchanger

A furnace's heat exchanger is especially important because it is the component of the system that is responsible for warming the air. The exchanger is made up of a set of coils that have heating fuel inside them that keeps them warm so that the cooled air is warmed as it passes over the coils. 

Since this function is so important, the exchanger withstands heavy wear and tear, which can cause it to crack over time. Once the exchanger is cracked, soot will start to escape from the coils and attach to the air flowing through the area, which can lead to a smoky scent. 

In this instance, the exchanger must be repaired as soon as possible. Not only will you continue to experience the smell, but poisonous vapors from the heating fuel will also escape and flow through the air, which can cause serious health concerns for everyone in your home.

If your furnace is producing a smoke scent, call a heating repair company, such as Central York Corp, as soon as possible. Issues with smoke can signal a serious problem and even be dangerous, so it's important to pay prompt attention to the matter.