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House Not Warm Enough? 3 Problems You Could Be Having With Your Furnace

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If your home is not warm enough this could be due to many problems. In most cases it will be your furnace. The first to do is to hire a heating system contractor to come to your home to investigate your furnace. Below are three problems the contractor may find.

Pilot Light

The contractor will first look at the pilot light as if it is not lit then you will have no heat. The contractor will light the pilot light to see if this is all that is needed. In some cases, the pilot light will go off for no reason at all. If the pilot light stays lit but you still have no heat, there could be some type of mechanical problem.

If you have a newer furnace it may not have a pilot light at all but instead have an electric ignition. The electric ignition not only causes your furnace to produce heat but also alarms if there is too much gas flowing from the furnace.

Mechanical Problems

Common mechanical problems are with the ignition control on the furnace. If this is not working the heat in your home will be intermittent or you may have no heat at all. The heat pump may be worn out and not working. This is especially true if you have an older furnace. If the heat pump is not working, it may run more consistently to maintain the temperature inside your home.

There is also a furnace control board which can go bad over time. The control board is one of the main things that controls your furnace so if it is bad the only thing that can be done is to replace the board. In some cases, this can get expensive.

Problems With Air Circulation and Flow

There could be a problem with how the air circulates in your home and how the air flows in your home. This can be due to the furnace itself, such as the fan motor not working properly, or the belts that run the fan may be worn down. There are many bearings inside the furnace that must stay in good condition in order to run your furnace. If there are any problems with circulation or air flow this can cause your furnace to overheat, which will result in even more problems for you.

The ductwork system in your home is also important to have proper airflow. If the ductwork has any type of damage that causes holes, the air leaks out of these holes instead of the air flowing inside your home. If the ductwork is still new the contractor can repair it, but if the ductwork is aging, consider having it all replaced.

The heating repair contractor can give you many tips on how you can maintain your furnace throughout the year.