Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills

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During the summer months, you likely run your air conditioner consistently throughout each day. Although your air conditioning system keeps you cool and comfortable, it can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. If you are tired of spending a fortune on your cooling bills, you can do a few things to lower them.

1. Use Ceiling Fans

If you are not already utilizing your ceiling fans, it is time to start doing so. These fans will help cool air circulate more evenly throughout your home. This means you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees without sacrificing your comfort. Make sure that your fans run counterclockwise.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the simplest ways to keep your air conditioning bills under control. These thermostats adjust temperatures while you sleep and are away from home. For example, you can program the thermostat to increase the temperature by a few degrees while you are at work, saving you money on your cooling bills.

3. Replace the Air Conditioning Filters

The filters in your air conditioning system will accumulate dust and dirt after a while, preventing your system from operating efficiently. That is why you should replace these filters at least every couple of months. If you have pets at home, you may need to replace the filters even more frequently.

4. Don't Use Your Oven Too Frequently

In the summer, you should use your oven as seldom as possible. When you cook food in your oven, the heat can spread throughout your home and force your air conditioner to work harder to keep your house cool. Instead, try to grill outside more often or eat food that does not require the use of an oven, such as sandwiches.

5. Schedule an Air Conditioner Inspection

It is a good idea to schedule an air conditioner inspection every year, even if your system seems to be working fine. HVAC contractors can catch issues that you may have missed and fix them promptly. If your HVAC contractor repairs the issue right away, you can avoid high cooling bills and your air conditioner breaking down on a scorching hot day. 

If you follow these useful tips, you should be able to lower your cooling bills this summer. However, if your air conditioning bills are still too high, you should have an HVAC company like Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar inspect your system for possible issues.