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Can I Install My Own Air Conditioner?

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There are some jobs that, even for the most hard-core DIY enthusiasts, can still pose a challenge. Replacing fixtures and installing a new wood floor is one thing, but putting in a brand-new air conditioner inside your house is a different beast altogether. While it's certainly possible for you to perform your own AC installation, it is strongly recommended you let a professional do it for the reasons that are outlined below.


If for no other reason on this list, you should leave AC installation to a professional simply because it's safer to do so. The physical units can weigh in excess of 200 or 300 pounds (or more), and it's important that you not only get it in the right spot, but that it's level and set properly as well. Once that's installed, you'll need to move the ductwork throughout your house, which requires climbing over beams and possibly sheet rock, all of which can provide you with ample opportunities to fall. Even if you are able to get everything installed correctly, you'll still need to connect it to an energy source, which is actually illegal if you plan on using gas. Electricity is still relatively unsafe, because there's always the risk of electrocution or even burning down your house if the wires are not attached properly.


There's no doubt that one of the main reasons people attempt to do their own DIY installations on the house is because they believe that it's cheaper to do so. While that may be true in some cases, doing your own AC installation may actually cost you more than you realize. You'll save on labor, but you'll pay extra for parts, tools, and other resources that most HVAC companies buy directly from the manufacturer at a significant discount. You also need to factor in the time off work that you and your friends will need to install the system, as well as the possibility of any repairs down the road that result from a miscalculation in your DIY AC installation. No matter which way you slice it, it's much cheaper to let a professional handle this job than trying to do it yourself.


Today's units are much more complex than they used to be. Fortunately, that level of complexity also brings with it increased energy efficiency, but that's only attainable if the system is dialed in correctly. HVAC technicians know exactly how to handle the unit, which means that once they install it, they can make the subtle changes that are required to make it as energy efficient as possible. If you buy a brand-new AC system and install it incorrectly, you may save on labor, but you will pay for the increased utility bills for years to come.

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