Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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A Definitive Guide To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning units make homes cool in hot weather. Constant check-ups and repair of your air conditioner will save you money on energy while still extending its lifetime. Since an HVAC machine has many parts that operate together, check on it regularly to run correctly, saving you money on expensive repairs. You are likely to face more severe and costly problems if you are slow in making necessary repairs. Fortunately, maintaining your air conditioner is as simple as following these few steps below.

Regular Cleanup of Air Filters

Regularly changing your air filter is the safest and most convenient way to keep the air conditioner running smoothly. Air filters that are dirty or clogged block natural airflow and dramatically reduce the cooling ability of the AC unit. You should change your HVAC system's filter after three months. However, more dusty areas will require more frequent changes. It saves you money on utility costs while still extending the life of your air conditioner.

Constant Cleaning and Inspection of the Evaporator Coils

A clean air filter protects the cooling coils from dust and debris. If the coils are dirty, clean them with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to ensure debris that obstructs airflow into the room doesn't hinder the air conditioner's cooling capacity. Monthly or once-a-year services are necessary to keep your evaporator coil in good working order, depending on how often you use it.

Cleaning the AC Condenser Unit

A standard condenser unit is located outside the house and dissipates the heat to the surrounding areas via condensing coils. A lot of dirt and debris will collect on the condenser fan; hence, the needed frequent cleaning. This measure is essential for those who live around trees or have cut grass. You can either hire an air conditioning service for cleaning, or even DIY by washing it clean with a damp cloth and drying it in the sun. Before cleaning up the condenser, always switch off the power.

Unclog the Evaporator/Condenser Drain

Hot air from your house is blown through the evaporator coil, where the cold coil collects the heat and cools the air before transmitting it to the building. However, over time, algae and mold may accumulate and clog the drain, preventing the water deposited within the AC from draining and flooding the surface, causing damage. To start, locate and clean the condenser drain with a wet cloth. 

Regular Maintenance Check-Ups

Check your air conditioner routinely to keep things going smoothly. You can achieve this by contacting air conditioning services, where professionals will diagnose the issues with your AC. Be sure that the technicians are both certified and experienced.