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What To Expect On The Day Your Water Heater Is Installed

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Water heaters typically a few decades before they need to be replaced. Luckily, the process of having a new water heater installed is not that complicated. But since it's not exactly something you do every day or every year, you may not know what to expect. That's what you can expect to learn from this article.

Expect the job to take a few hours.

Water heater installation is not as extensive as furnace installation or air conditioner installation. Generally, your plumber or contractor will take a couple of hours, and maybe up to a half-day, to install the appliance. If they are moving your water heater to the other side of the house, or if the pipes connecting to the water heater are old and need to be replaced, then the job might take a little longer. But it should still be completed in less than a day.

Expect installation costs to be included in the estimate.

Sometimes people get an estimate for a water heater, and then they ask how much installation costs on top of the price they were given. But actually, when contractors quote a hot water heater, they generally quote you for the installation and the appliance all at the same time. If you were given a price, you can assume that price includes the water heater and installation unless the estimate sheet states otherwise.

Expect the contractor to work independently.

You may wonder whether you need to be at home when the hot water heater is installed. Although there are some exceptions, most contractors don't mind working when you're not home. You will, however, want to meet with them beforehand to make sure they know where everything is, and to answer any questions they may have. Once they get started, though, water heater installers generally work independently and should not need any assistance from you.

Expect them to give you instructions before they leave.

Once the water heater is installed, the contractor should spend a couple of minutes talking to you about what they did, the connections they used, and any intricacies to watch out for with your new water heater. They should show you how to adjust the temperature, too.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect when a professional comes to install your hot water heater. It really is simple from the perspective of the homeowner. For more information, reach out to a local contractor.