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4 Warning Signs You May Need To Seek Residential Boiler Repair Services

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Your boiler is a vital component of your water heating system. If it fails to operate optimally, it can cause more problems than just discomfort. For instance, if it breaks during winter, it can cause your pipes to freeze and burst, resulting in massive property damage. While regular maintenance by an HVAC technician can help resolve most boiler repair issues, knowing the tale-tell indicators of an inefficient boiler can help prevent sudden failure. Here are a few to watch out for.

1. You're experiencing electronic ignition or pilot light issues

One of the ways to tell your boiler has electrical ignition issues is if the boiler flame doesn't turn on. In some cases, you can resolve this issue by resetting your electrical circuit. If you notice that the flame doesn't ignite or it lights and keeps cycling on and off, contact a residential boiler repair services provider to help you address the problem. A burner that doesn't stay lit could result from interference with the gas supply line or serious system issues.   

2. Your boiler takes too long to heat your home

Consider seeking boiler repair services when you notice that the hot water in your shower or sink doesn't heat up as usual. This is an indication that there's mineral deposit build-up, or your boiler burners are wearing out. There is also a chance you could have a broken dip tube, causing unheated and heated water to mix. 

3. You can hear strange noises from your boiler

If you hear whistling, rumbling or clunking sounds in your boiler, it is a sign that you have minerals built up inside. This means that you have a restricted water flow, making it stay longer inside the heat exchanger where it gets too hot. This can cause some parts in your boiler to melt or break down, causing toxic smoke to circulate in your home. At the first sign of odd noises, contact a residential boiler repair professional to help you flush your boiler system and repair any damage.

4. There's a strong smell coming from your boiler

Any unusual or unpleasant smells from your boiler are an indication that there's something that's not working correctly. A rotten egg smell indicates that your boiler system has a gas leak. Oily, plastic, or burned metal smells suggests that you have overheating boiler components or circuits. When you notice a strong smell from your boiler, shut off the system and contact a boiler repair expert.

Don't ignore any of the signs mentioned above, as they signal that you need to seek the services of a professional HVAC repair contractor. Immediate residential boiler repair could save you the trouble of installing a new boiler system.