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Advice to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Knobs for Gas Ranges

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Gas ranges are a staple component of any restaurant and can be used to cook a lot of things. They also contain a lot of important parts that may break down over time. If you're planning to purchase replacement range knobs, these tips are crucial to look over before making a selection.

Make Sure Marking Indicators are Vibrant

Every knob on a gas range should have marking indicators that show you important details, such as how much power is being given to the gas range and whether the knob is in an on or off position. 

You need to make sure your gas range replacement knobs have marked, vibrant indicators. Then you'll have an easier time using these knobs when getting a gas range ready for the day or shutting it down after your restaurant closes. Vibrant red markings, for example, would be easy to read no matter where you're standing. 

Get a Middle Section That's Reinforced 

The main part of a gas range knob that you'll be touching and manipulating all the time is the middle. This is protruded outward towards you to make this component easy to grab onto and move. Since this portion will experience a lot of activity, it needs to be reinforced.

Then you'll have replacement knobs that don't easily damage. Even if you're forceful with these knobs when turning them left or right, the reinforced middle will give you confidence and keep this component in amazing condition.

Get Covers as Well

If you want your new gas range knobs holding up for longer than they normally would, then consider getting covers in addition to finding replacements. Then you'll have a protective solution that can keep the knobs safe from heat and cooking residues that would normally be able to get on them.

These covers also make it very easy to keep your replacement knobs a lot cleaner. Finally, these covers will give your gas range a little more extra security. Knob covers will keep these components in the right position where they'll stay, even if your body rubs up against them on accident.

There are a lot of parts you may have to eventually replace on a gas range inside your restaurant. If you're currently dealing with the knobs, take a look at options you know will fit and be easy to use for a long time. Contact companies that supply industrial restaurant parts to learn more.