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4 Incredible Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning

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Weather fluctuations and drastic temperature changes make AC units necessary, as it is difficult to reside indoors with discomfort and unease. In this case, ducted cooling units distribute conditioned air through passages and into your house via vents. More so, despite their high upfront costs, ducted systems have low maintenance and operational costs. So, if you are considering a new AC system, call a reputable contractor near you to install a ducted air conditioning system. Furthermore, they will calculate the size of your house and determine the number of entry points and the correct unit size. Below are the benefits of this installation.

Whole House Solution

If you reside in a big house, you should install ducted air conditioning because the system has a great cooling capacity, which is ideal for a spacious home. Furthermore, this installation can easily cool your entire home without some rooms being colder. In addition, a ducted system is suitable if your household does not require varying room-to-room temperature settings. Therefore, you should employ the services of an AC technician to achieve comprehensive cooling for your large house.

Zoning System

Besides cooling your entire home, ducted air conditioning provides zoning for flexibility. As such, if you have unused rooms in your house, you can close the dampers to redirect air. As a result, you will save on cooling costs as you will only cool the rooms you want. Moreover, this system allows you to set different zone temperatures depending on everyone's preferences. This enables you to customize the temperature in various rooms in your house, increasing indoor comfort. Thus, consult an AC installation contractor for a ducted system, especially if you have varying temperature preferences.

Low Profile Look

Installing a ducted cooling unit is an intrusive process involving placing ducts through the walls. Furthermore, you can install the ducted cooling unit on the roof or ceiling, making it discreet in your living space. This means a ducted system will complement your décor as only the vents pop into your interior. Ultimately, this will be more aesthetically pleasing and can help you save valuable space.

Quiet Operation

A ducted cooling system comprises indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit houses filters, an evaporator coil, and a blower, while the outdoor one contains a noisy compressor, condenser, and fan. Given this, you will enjoy a peaceful indoor space as the outdoor unit generates noise away from your home. Furthermore, you can install a sound blanket on the condenser as a noise barrier.

Ducted air conditioning offers numerous benefits if well-installed and maintained. Therefore, book an appointment with an AC installation contractor near you to install a ducted system for optimal cooling.