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Heating Repair Services You Might Need If Your Heat Pump Isn't Keeping Your House Warm

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If your heat pump isn't warming up your home, the first thing to check is the filter. If the filter is covered in dust, airflow gets restricted and when that happens, your heat pump won't be able to blow out enough air to keep your house warm. 

Another thing to check is the outdoor unit to make sure it isn't buried in snow or covered with leaves. The unit has to be clear so it gets enough airflow. If that's not the problem either, call a heating repair service for help. Here are things that keep your heat pump from warming your home.

1. Refrigerant Is Leaking Out

A heat pump needs refrigerant to make heat as well as cool air. You probably can't check the refrigerant yourself, and even if you could, you can't refill it since only licensed professionals can work with refrigerant. A heating repair service can check the refrigerant level, find out why it's leaking if it's low, make repairs, fill the refrigerant, and restore the ability of your unit to make heat again.

2. Reversing Valve Is Bad

A heat pump has a reversing valve that switches the direction the pump puts out warm air. One way to tell if the valve is bad is to note if your heat pump can put out cool air but not warm air. If that happens, the heating technician may need to replace the reversing valve unless it can be repaired. Sometimes the valve gets stuck, so the technician has to determine if repairs are possible or if the whole valve needs to be replaced.

3. Capacitor Or Contactor Is Bad

The heat pump has a contactor and capacitor that pass power to the compressor motor. If the heat pump won't start when it gets the signal from the thermostat, you might hear a clicking nose instead of hearing the motor start-up. These parts can be replaced by a heating technician fairly easily since they are easy to reach and pull out of the heat pump.

The contactor passes power to the compressor to start while the capacitor supplies a boost of extra power to the motor, so both parts are essential for your heat pump to work correctly.

4. Breaker Is Tripped

A breaker in your electrical panel might trip occasionally without cause for alarm, but if it's been tripping more often, let your heating repair service know. There could be an electrical issue with your heat pump that's causing the breaker to trip. The problem should be found and repaired before damage is done to your equipment.

Reach out to a company that offers heating repair services for more information.