Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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6 Symptoms That Your Air Conditioner Is Overcharged With Refrigerant

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When it comes to cooling your home during a particularly nasty heat wave, it might seem like more is always better. However, this definitely isn’t true in the case of A/C refrigerant because an overcharged system runs inefficiently and runs the risks of breaking down completely or even exploding. Watch out for these six signs a technician added a little too much refrigerant during a routine refill. Call for emergency service immediately if you notice the symptoms. Read More»

4 Things Your HVAC Tech Will Likely Check On A General Maintenance Visit

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As is true of most equipment and systems, it’s far easier and less costly to maintain your HVAC system and fix little problems along the way rather than wait for something big to go wrong and have to make expensive, last-minute repairs. By having your HVAC system looked over once per year by a trained technician, you can ensure problems are caught early. There are four key things your HVAC tech will check during a regular maintenance inspection. Read More»

5 Facts You Should Know When You're Considering Getting A Tankless Water Heater

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If your current water heater is getting old, you may be considering swapping it out for a tankless system. Tankless systems are an excellent investment because they can drastically reduce your energy spending each month. If you’re interested in getting a tankless water heater, check out these five important facts to find out if one is really the best choice for your water needs. There Are Several Options to Consider Read More»

Troubleshooting & Fixing an Air Conditioner That Blows Hot Air

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Nothing is quite as discouraging on a hot summer day as flipping on the air conditioner and being greeted with a burst of hot air. Sometimes it happens because your air conditioner begins blowing air before it has time to cool it. This typically corrects itself in a minute or two. But, when your air conditioner spews hot air into the room with no signs of cooling, you have a more serious problem that requires your attention. Read More»

Prevent Expensive Commercial Freezer Repairs With These Tips

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It’s not every day that your commercial freezer needs an emergency repair, but such repairs can make themselves felt on your restaurant’s bottom line. The following tips can help save you money by preventing these expensive repairs from happening on a regular basis. Preventative Maintenance is the Key When it comes to commercial refrigeration, an ounce of prevention is often more affordable than a pound of cure. Waiting for a major breakdown to occur before servicing your commercial freezer is not only expensive, but it can also shorten your equipment’s overall lifespan and interfere with other restaurant operations. Read More»

5 Tips for Staying Cool When Your Air Condition Is Broken

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Waiting through the sweltering summer days until your air conditioning repairman can get the parts needed to fix your unit can be torture. But you don’t have to rely solely on the air conditioner to keep cool. In fact, you can even have fun while keeping the heat at bay instead of continually trying to fit into your refrigerator. Here are a few suggestions for keeping cool until your A/C is fixed up. Read More»

4 Interesting Facts About Geothermal Heating And Cooling

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From warming your house in the frigid winter temperatures to relaxing indoors on an extremely hot summer day, your heating and cooling system is an imperative part of your home’s value and family’s comfort. Considering half of your home’s total energy usage stems from heating and cooling, understanding your specific system is smart for maintaining comfort in an efficient manner. If you are a homeowner who needs a new heating and cooling system or are currently building a house, consider a geothermal system. Read More»