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Common Causes Of Cold Air From The Furnace

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Few things are more frustrating than having a heating system that blows cold air when you turn it on. While it is okay for the cold air in the vents to flow out once the blower starts working, this should not go on too long. This is because a functional heating system should start warming the home once the heat exchanger is powered up. Here are the most common reasons why your heating system could be blowing out cold air and how to solve the problem.

What Are the Temperature Settings?

Your thermostat may be the last place you examine when troubleshooting a heating system that is not generating warm air. It should, however, come ahead of everything else. Note that your vents will blow cold air if you have set the temperature sensor to cool rather than heat. Further, this might also happen if the fan is on but the heating system is off. So, check your settings by referring to the user manual for your programmable thermostat, especially if you have a more complex model. If you have already set the thermostat, but there is no warm air, it could also be that the device is not sending a signal to your heating unit. Ultimately, the best way to address this is by getting a technician to fix it.

What's the Condition of the Heating Element?

Your system might have stopped heating because of a broken heating element. Remember, even though there are several potential causes of the heating element not working, damage to a crucial component is the most likely. Additionally, the heating system's inability to provide sufficient heat could be to blame. In such a case, it is possible that a propane tank is leaking or that a fuse box has tripped.

Could the Unit be Overheating?

Overheating is a possible cause of your heating system's sudden breakdown and subsequent cold air output. For whatever reason, when a heating unit's internal temperature rises too high, a safety mechanism kicks in, and the heaters turn off. As a result, the heater needs to cool down before you can restart it and put it back into use. Note that while you can find details on resetting a heating system set too high online, you shouldn't follow them. Often, the original cause of the heating system malfunction will recur. Therefore, you should have the heating system checked out by an expert first.

Consult a heating repair technician to guide you on dealing with a heating system that is blowing cold air. With their help, you will get the system back in order and maximize its functionality. For more information on heating repair, contact a professional near you.