Keeping Your Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long

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Three Ways To Keep Your House And Yourself Cool This Summer

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Keeping your house a comfortable temperature in the summer can seem like a mystery to some people. It may feel like you are overspending in your utility bills during the summer and still your house isn’t cool enough. Here are some things that you can do to keep comfortable in the summer without going broke. 1. Close The Windows and Doors An important part of keeping the house well insulated is keeping the doors and windows closed while the air conditioning is on. Read More»

3 Ways A Defective Water Heater Can Lead To Disaster

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Chances are that even though you like taking hot showers or washing your clothes in hot water, you probably take your water heater for granted. You think that it’s something that should just work all the time. Like it or not, there will probably come a time when you do have to think about it and make sure it’s working as it should. When your water heater goes on the brink, not only is it a huge inconvenience, it can actually be dangerous. Read More»

Air Conditioning Filters 101

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Spring is here, so that means it’s time to catch up on home maintenance chores. One of those tasks should include calling your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist and scheduling your annual air conditioner checkup so it’s ready to go when those hot summer days get here. Here is what you need to know about your air conditioning unit’s filter. How Often Does an Air Conditioner Filter Need to Be Changed? Read More»

The Purpose Of The Air Filter In Your Central Air Conditioning System

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If your home has a central air conditioning system, there is most likely a compartment near the system that contains an air filter. An air filter is a vital part of a central AC system, and it is something that you should change on a regular basis. The air filter serves several functions, but it cannot operate well if it is dirty. Here are a few things to understand about the air filter in your AC system. Read More»

4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your A/C System's Refrigerant To The Pros

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A great way to save a bundle of cash on your air conditioning and HVAC maintenance is to take care of the maintenance yourself. However, some maintenance items are better left up to the pros. One such maintenance item involves checking and recharging your air conditioner’s refrigerant. So why shouldn’t you check and charge your own refrigerant? The following offers several good reasons why that could turn out to be a bad idea. Read More»

Rental Property Management: 3 Signs of a Failing Heater to Warn Your New Tenants About

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Owning a rental property offers many rewards, but you also have to deal with the constant concern that something could go wrong. Establishing a positive relationship with your tenants begins with keeping communication open, and your tenants should know that they can call you when it seems a major repair is on the horizon. Since most HVAC problems are preventable or at least less costly when they are caught early, ask your renters to contact you as soon as they notice these three signs of a failing heater. Read More»

How to Detect a Natural Gas Furnace Leak

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If you have natural gas, it is important you know how to detect a leak because of the risk of explosions. Natural gas is colorless and generally non-toxic, but it still could cause health symptoms in  people. Gas makers add mercaptan to natural gas to help identify gas leaks. You still want to be certain it is a gas leak. Here are tips to find a natural gas furnace leak. Read More»